Why Abbey Capitol Floors & Interiors is the Preferred Flooring Store in Washington

Why Abbey Capitol Floors & Interiors is the Preferred Flooring Store in Washington

Selecting the right flooring is more than just about aesthetics; it's about functionality, durability, and setting the right tone for your home.

And when it comes to flooring, it's crucial to rely on professionals who have both the expertise and quality products. Flooring is, after all, a permanent installation that dramatically transforms your living space.

For those in Washington, the search for the perfect flooring partner ends at Abbey Capitol Floors & Interiors. This trusted name in the flooring business has made countless homes stand out with its impeccable floor and interior services. No wonder why Abbey Capitol Floors & Interiors is the preferred flooring store.

Hesitant about Abbey Capitol Floors & Interiors being the preferred choice in Washington? Let's delve deeper and show you how to choose the best flooring store.

Popular Types of Flooring

At Abbey Capitol Floors & Interiors, our goal is to provide customers with a wide range of flooring options that aren't just durable but also aesthetically pleasing. Let’s explore some of the top flooring types that you can find in our expansive showroom:

Tile and Stone

Available in a myriad of designs, sizes, and colors, tiles are versatile and suit a range of interiors. Plus, their functionality is a key highlight. It’s hard to beat the elegance that tiles bring to a room.

If you're looking for something truly robust, stone floors might be your go-to. From the ethereal charm of marble to the rugged beauty of travertine, stone floors offer a splash of luxury.


Laminate as a multi-layered flooring solution. Right from its sturdy backing sheet to the decorative top, every layer plays a role in making it a durable option. Its ability to mimic a range of designs is what sets it apart.

Hardwood Flooring

The charm of wood is timeless. With a myriad of wood types and patterns available, hardwood flooring can range from the traditionally elegant to the uber-modern. It's relatively easy to keep it looking new, but one might need to be wary of scratches and wear over time.

Vinyl Flooring

For those who are looking for a blend of style, durability, and ease of maintenance, vinyl floors are an excellent choice. You can opt for luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or the luxury vinyl plank (LVP) styles.


Carpets are synonymous with luxury. They don’t just add a plush feel to the room but are excellent for sound absorption, making spaces feel cozier and more intimate. Especially for areas where you’d like a quieter environment, carpets are a top pick. Just ensure you choose denser carpets for areas with more footfall.

Why Choose Abbey Capitol Floors & Interiors?

Here are reasons why Abbey Capitol Floors & Interiors stands a notch above the rest.

Reputation and Experience

Before diving into any business agreement, the reputation of a company often speaks volumes. Abbey Capitol Floors & Interiors has served the Washington area since 1956, but since 2000, they have been professionally run by the Woodland family. Ensuring not only proof of record but consistency with their service for more than two decades.

Specialization and Catalog

Abbey Capitol Floors & Interiors has the largest selection of floors in the Olympia area, and certified professionals at more than just flooring. They offer home design consultation, experienced installers, and top-notch customer service.


Abbey Capitol Floors & Interiors goes to your home and takes the measurements themselves to ensure a sound and accurate job. They offer free estimates so you don’t need to compromise and will also provide a completely personalized service to each client and home.

Warranties and Guarantees

If for any reason, within 60 days of the installation, you feel there’s something not quite right with your new floor, the Abbey Carpet & Floor installer team will replace it with another carpet of equal value. If that wasn’t enough, they offer a lifetime warranty against potential stains from food and beverages, soil, and wear and tear.

Other Factors

If the above wasn’t enough to convince you, Abbey Capitol Floors & Interiors prioritizes products and materials made in the United States, they’re environmentally friendly and support local stores.

Looking for Flooring Experts in Washington?

Embarking on a flooring project? Whether it's a revamp or a new build, Abbey Capitol Floors & Interiors is your go-to. With top-notch products and unmatched expertise, we promise to turn your vision into reality. Shop flooring options and brands on our website or reach out to us directly. Your dream floor awaits!